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ROAV Galaxy Sport Collection

ROAV Galaxy was founded in 2016 by our team of creative forward thinkers. We had the idea of creating the world’s thinnest foldable sunglasses. Great looking eyewear you can bring anywhere with you.

Originated from LA and now sold in 35+ countries you can find our eyewear in optical practices, retail stores and hotels.

A man wearing ROAV Galaxy sunglasses

The Sport collection, one of six varied collections, has proven to be popular amongst people that love to keep active such as runners, athletes, cyclists, gym goers and golfers.

An ion scratch resistant coating plus a strong stainless steel flexible frame with screwless hinge technology means we are confident to provide a 2 year warranty with every product.

A woman wearing ROAV Galaxy Sport sunglasses

Reducing the folded width from the 30mm of our nearest Ray-Ban competitor, to a thin 9mm with ROAV Galaxy, our design fits into the tightest of back pockets.

Weighing in at less than 20grams, the lightness and flexibility of the frame means sports fanatics can focus on their activity rather than worrying about breakages.

Ruth Keeley runner, wearing ROAV Galaxy Sport sunglasses

A regular runner named Ruth Keeley has had a positive experience wearing ROAV Galaxy Sport sunglasses. Ruth describes them as an "essential for running in" due to its lightness in weight and scratch resistant polarised lenses.

The hinges also have an inherent springiness, so they won't come loose over time with all parts connected so well that it opens almost automatically.

We want our customers to feel confident that they can bring their ROAV sunglasses everywhere with them so created a pouch that provides very effective protection when the eyewear is folded up.

Customers can choose from a variety of styles and shapes, and lens colours include Blue Mirror, G15, Grey Gradient and Silver Mirror.

Look great whilst on the move with the world's thinnest folding sport eyewear!

Visit to view more styles.

Retail outlets, gyms, spas and hotels looking to find out more about stocking any ROAV Galaxy product should contact or directly on +44(0)7852178159.

A woman stretching and wearing ROAV Galaxy sport sunglasses
A man running wearing ROAV Galaxy Sport sunglasses

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