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Design Philosophy

The International team at ROAV have extensive manufacturing expertise, plus decades of entrepreneurial experience bringing products to market. Creative in our approach with design and marketing, our passion is shaking up the eyewear industry with new and exciting ideas. 

When conceptualising ROAV Galaxy, in the early design stages we often asked ourselves…

“Can we re-invent and improve folding eyewear?”

Close up images of Roav sunglasses screwless and spring hinge technology

We realised that other folding eyewear products in the market were not always pocketable, and felt that improving on this function would make a real difference in how the end user could carry ROAV around with them.

Folding roav sunglasses in protected pouch

Reducing the folded width from the 30mm of our nearest Ray-Ban competitor, to a thin 9mm with ROAV really got us noticed. Weighing in at less than 20grams, the lightness of the frame is attributed to a thinly cut, extremely flexible stainless steel frame.

Lightweight ROAV sunglasses

We also wanted to counter the misconception that lightness and thinness means weakness, so insisted on only using super-strength stainless steel in our frames.

Our patent screwless hinges are press-formed into the sheet metal frame itself. This ultra-minimal construction enables a design that is incredibly small and durable. The hinges also have an inherent springiness, so they won't come loose over time and when it comes to opening, all parts are connected so well that it opens almost automatically.

We understand that fit can be an issue when it comes to purchasing eyewear, especially for customers that have a lower nose bridge. To counter this, we have designed comfortable nose pads which have flexible adjustments to fit everyone.


Nose pads designed for smaller faces


Nose pads designed for medium sized faces


Nose pads designed for larger faces

We want your customers to feel confident that they can bring their ROAV sunglasses everywhere with them, so created a colourful rubber pouch that provides very effective protection, even when squeezed into the tightest of back pockets. 

ROAV protected rubber sunglass pouches

We are proud of the end product and confident enough to offer a 2 year warranty on all collections.

The team at ROAV create products that connect emotionally with people. Your customers will feel this each time they effortlessly open and unfold their sunglasses to impress friends and family.

With 100's of styles, frame shapes, lens type and colours across 6 collections both men and women will almost certainly find a pair they love. 

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