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Foldable optical eyewear

No Minimum Order Requirement

 We are confident our products will engage and wow your customers and want to make running your business easier. Therefore we do not insist on a minimum order requirement. This combined with the ability to exchange models to keep your product range fresh provides our partners a sense of assurance when working with us.

Round lenses with stainless steel frame

Product Exchange Option

 For certain order quantities, we are happy to make arrangements that enable you to exchange unsold goods for other models after a certain time frame.

For example, if you purchased 20 frames, a typical exchange agreement could allow you to exchange 2 frames after 3 months to aid the sales process.


Free Frames, Accessories, Point Of Sale

2 Year Warranty

2 year guarantee

Every ROAV product comes with an automatic exchange guarantee. We will happily repair, refund or replace if the fault is ours.


Our glasses are made of stainless steel and have pressed, screwless hinges. They are provided with a scratch-resistant ion coating so that they will still look good years later.


Our glasses are high quality polarized, scratch and break resistant and offer 100% protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays.

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