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The Idea was simple- Can we re-invent it?

> 30 mm

RayBan folded sunglasses

< 9 mm

Proof that Roav are thinner than Rayban sunglasses



= to Rove, to Wander

anywhere       eyewear

Originated from Los Angeles, we gathered an international team of designers, production specialists and marketing devotees determined to make a difference.

Creative in our approach with design and marketing, our passion is bringing to life new ideas that breathes new air into the eyewear market.

Design details of Roav sunglasses
Design facts about lightweight, durable, pocketable, protective Roav sunglasses

From a humble beginning in 2017, with thinking outside the box, we exploded into over 35+ countries worldwide in less than 3 years.

Close up of the lenses and nose pads of Roav sunglasses

2020 was a tough year for everyone but it did not stop us from developing new designs, totally new collections and new business models.

Standing still is not an option for us.


A brand is not just about its products.

ROAV is about our customers, the dialogue that we can have with them, the support that they give us to mold our future, our culture and our ambition.

The people who we work with, their vision, their aspiration, their energy, their visions. 


Audrey Hepburn looking interested about Roav sunglasses
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