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Our ROAV Galaxy Top 6 Summer Best Sellers

ROAV Galaxy foldable sunglasses are perfect for wearing at the beach, by the pool, music festivals, city centre shopping or simply walking out in the countryside. They are bright, colourful, fashionable and so portable you can take them anywhere and everywhere with you!

With Summer just around the corner, we are regularly asked by opticians and retail stores...

"What are the top 6 best ROAV Galaxy sunglass sellers during the Summer season?"

We took a deep dive into the sales data across all countries and discovered the following results.

1. Model: Balto Top colour combination: - Gold G15

Gold and brown sunglasses
Gold G15

2. Model: Athena

Top colour combination:

- Gold Pink Mirror

Pink mirror sunglasses
Gold Pink Mirror

3. Model: Lennox

Top colour combination:

- Black Blue Mirror

ROAV foldable blue frames
Black Blue Mirror

4. Model: Brigitte

Top colour combination:

- Silver Silver Mirror

Silver sunglasses
Silver Silver Mirror

5. Model: Zuma

Top colour combination:

- Black Pink Mirror

Pink and black sunglasses
Black Pink Mirror

6. Model: Audrey

Top colour combination:

- Black Grey Gradient

Black sunglasses
Black Grey Gradient

Interested in stocking ROAV Galaxy eyewear in your store? Contact for more information.

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