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ROAV Galaxy showcase their sunglasses at high profile Rapper event

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

ROAV Galaxy sponsored a busy music event which took place in Shenzhen, China on the 20th of March 2021.

The main act were a popular band called B.R.C who used the event as a launch party to share their exciting new music about to be released.

ROAV Galaxy team with the B.R.C band wearing ROAV sunglasses
ROAV Galaxy team relax back stage with members of B.R.C

As sponsors of the event, ROAV Galaxy sunglasses were worn throughout and even worn on stage by the B.R.C band members.

B.R.C band wearing ROAV Galaxy foldable sunglasses

Everyone involved with ROAV Galaxy enjoys music, partying and having a good time! These events are a fantastic way for us to showcase our new models across our 6 different collections; Origin, Superstar, Roses To Rebels, Odyssey, Sport and also our upcoming Oxygen collection.

A man wearing blue tinted ROAV sunglasses

Part of the appeal of ROAV Galaxy sunglasses are that you can fold them up and bring them everywhere and anywhere with you and this event is a prime example of this.

As well as enjoying music, ROAV like to keep up with the latest fashion trends and view events such as these as extremely important in understanding what clothing and accessories stand out and get you noticed.

ROAV is a brand that allows you to change the colour of your sunglasses to match the style of your outfit, so learning about new colour combinations at events such as this often help us with our future designs.

Blue tinted ROAV sunglasses worn at a Rapper event

The lightness and strength of ROAV sunglasses meant that B.R.C did not have to worry about them falling off during their performance enabling them to own the stage and wow the lively crowd.

The atmosphere was electric with everyone having a great time, lots of drinks, and dancing the night away into the early hours to cutting edge new music.

Two men wearing ROAV Galaxy sunglasses from different collections

We all had so much fun that we are currently open to any suggestions about sponsoring more events just so we can do it all over again.

Visit and choose from 100’s of sunglass styles and colours suitable for both men and women.

A guy singing on stage wearing ROAV Galaxy foldable sunglasses

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