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Popular in hotels, gyms, spas, lifestyle stores, golf clubs, sports and cycling shops.

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

We are pleased to report that sales of ROAV Galaxy and INTHINITI eyewear in these types of businesses has increased by a staggering 47% over the last financial year.

Below we explain some of the reasons why customers are enjoying the product, its benefits to them, and how this can result in increased sales for your business.

What is ROAV?

At ROAV Galaxy, we make the world's thinnest folding sunglasses, now sold in 35 countries across the world. Built to last, these sunglasses are made from lightweight stainless steel and come in 100's of different shapes, sizes and colours.

Sunglasses in a pouch at the back of a jean pocket


Inthiniti is created by an international team of designers from Europe - Steven Carter from London and Tommie Svensson from Germany, dedicated to designing fashionable, thin, portable eyewear for young people at an affordable price. We provide fun, fresh and dynamic products with an amazing varieties of both frames and packaging that reflect the character of the user . This includes reading glasses, optical and sunglasses.

You can even customise our packaging to fit your business. With Inthiniti you get more frame colour options than any other brand. It can come with sunlens, ready reading, anti blue ray and clip on.

Inthiniti frames

Typical stockists

Our eyewear is currently sold in retail stores, opticians, spas, golf clubs, gyms and hotels. We are also getting lots of interest from sports and cycling shops as word of the portability and strength of the eyewear spreads amongst communities with an active lifestyle.


MGM Hotel - Macau

MGM hotel - Macau

Customers in hotels are interested in eyewear as they tend to be either travelling, on holiday or are typically people that are always on the move. ROAV Galaxy provide the best foldable eyewear for these types of customers as they can take it anywhere and everywhere whilst enjoying blissful sunshine with full protection.

Lifestyle Stores

Harvey Nichols - Hong Kong

Harvey Nichols store

Sold in Harvey Nichols, Hong Kong , who offer the ultimate fashion experience. Seen as ‘the place to be’, Harvey Nichols is the club that doesn’t require a membership. Exclusive, niche and established labels sit alongside accessible everyday collections, offering customers the must-have edit for all their wardrobe needs – from everyday to extraordinary.

Customers for lifestyle outlets choose products that are different, quirky, and ones that get their friends talking about them. They are attracted by innovation and new technology and love the emotions that ROAV Galaxy eyewear provides when it folds to just 9mm - as thin as an iphone!

Sport Stores and Gyms

The ROAV Galaxy Sport collection has proven to be popular amongst people that love to keep active such as runners, athletes, cyclists, gym goers and golfers.

A woman wearing ROAV Galaxy sunglasses while keeping active

100% UV and UVB rays protection, plus an ion scratch resistant coating and strong stainless steel flexible folding frame means your customers can remain active without worrying about breaking their sunglasses.


Our sunglasses include various styles and shapes which range from the collections of Sport, Superstar, Origin, Odyssey and Oxygen that customers can choose from.

The ROAV Galaxy Superstar collection are oversized, foldable, and super fashionable and glamourous. What more could your typical spa/sauna customer want?!

A spa with swimming pool

Pretty lady in spa wearing Roav Superstar sunglasses

Pop up shops:

Pop up shops ooze innovation and new ideas by showcasing the very latest trends. We are currently breathing new life into the eyewear market and are confident that our eyewear can generate sales for your store whatever the season or location.

Pop up stores

Colourful protective pouch

We want our customers to feel confident that they can bring their ROAV sunglasses everywhere with them, so created a colourful rubber pouch that provides very effective protection, even when squeezed into the tightest of back pockets whilst on the go.

ROAV Galaxy pouches for frames

Free point of sale displays provided

We will send you free point of sale support that will make ANY size space look great. All we require is a shelf, a counter near the till, or floor space and we will create a professional and attention grabbing display.

A stand showcasing ROAV Galaxy sunglasses collection

A stand of sunglasses and pouches

Partnering with us made easy

For certain quantities, we are happy to make arrangements that enable you to exchange unsold goods for other models after an agreed time frame.

  • No minimum order requirement

  • Fair payment terms

  • 2 years product warranty

  • We have a team dedicated to customer service

  • We will handle any returns efficiently and politely

Simple and easy!

Visit and to find out more about ROAV Galaxy and our Inthiniti sunglasses.

Retail outlets, gyms, opticians, pop up and lifestyle stores, sports and cycling shops, golf clubs, spas and hotels looking to find out more about the generous profit margins you can make you should contact or directly on +44(0)7852178159.

A variety of ROAV Galaxy products

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