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Inthiniti Eyewear

The Inthiniti eyewear collection is created by an international team of designers from Europe - Steven Carter from London and Tommie Svensson from Germany. Their goal was to design fashionable, thin, portable eyewear for young people at an affordable price.

Thin eyewear


Inthiniti frames are fun, stylish readers, prescription eyewear or sunglasses that function perfectly and look just how the customer wants them to.

With more frame colour options than any other brand, customers can choose their colours for even the temples on their glasses.

Inthiniti optical style glasses

Also proving a hit is an option for customers to add images to the eyewear case, Inthiniti puts the customer back in control of choosing an eyewear style that works for them and which reflects their own character.

Eyewear cases

Foldable eyewear in a case

Inthiniti lenses can come in the form of a sunlens, ready readers, anti blue ray or clip on.

Thin as an iphone when closed into its sleek, aesthetically pleasing compact case, customers can easily carry their Inthiniti eyewear everywhere and anywhere with them.

The Inthiniti case also provides very effective protection when the eyewear is closed.

Our manufacturing expertise ensures the frame is both light in weight and super strong. We’re so confident in this that we stuck a 2 year warranty on each one.

You can even customise the eyewear case to fit your business! Maybe you or your customers wish to have your logo printed on the case, or a design that highlights a birthday, xmas or corporate message. With Inthiniti, the possibilities are endless.

Visit to view the Inthiniti collection.

Foldable Inthinity coloured frame

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